English Language Department

Head of department : Najlaa Taha Bashri Alnour

The English Language Department (ELD) is a newly established department in the College of Languages. It has been founded on the resources of already existing English Language unit (ELU). This Unit was first established in Khartoum Polytechnic (1973) to care for students need of ESP courses. It continued operating as an English language service unit until 1990. During that time English was the medium of instruction. Even after the full implementation of Arabicization, English remained a compulsory subject for all students. The ELU has therefore retained its responsibility of teaching English as a university required course. In February, 2004 a bachelor degree program was approved by the University Senate and later the humanities committee of the Ministry of Higher Education. The first intake is due in the academic year 2004-2005. The Department has one senior lecture, one Associate professor, one senior teacher, two assistant professors, 18 lectures, one teacher and 8 teaching assistant.

Academic Programs: