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The College of Languages will be the model college in providing a distinguished linguistic service in terms of speaking , reading and writing and its graduates will become the best who can write , read and speak any of the international live languages taught at the college.


Graduating grnerations of language learners who are competent in the four language skills in the languages they study .

Preparing and teaching excellent curricula in the field of languages.

Contributing in the development of the Sudanese society culturally and socially.

Establishing and developing close relationships with the academic and cultural institutions locally , regionally and internationally

Contributing in the spreading and propagation of Arabic and Islamic culture locally , regionally and internationally.

Qualifying competent translators.


  • Teaching Arabic and English as university requirements at all the colleges of the university.
  • Teaching live international languages as specializations.
  • Conducting linguistic researches relevant to the cultural and literary interests of the society.
  • The study of the Sudanese languages /dialects and collection of the verbal literary heritage.
  • Acquaintance with the cultures and literature of the other nations through the study of their languages and the translation of their thoughts , laws and press.
  • Creating channels which can utilize languages for transferring Islamic thought to other nations.
  • Teaching Arabic for the speakers of other languages.
  • Translation and Arabicization of the university student's library.

  • Running short concentrated courses for teaching different languages for different groups of learners in the Sudanese society.