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The College of Languages was established in May 1995. It was founded on the recourses of the already existing Arabic and English Language Units which were entrusted with teaching Arabic and English as university required subjects. The college underwent construction in March 2003 and consequently has come to comprise. Three departments: Department of Arabic, Department of English and Department of French. Moreover preparations for establishing Department of German are underway. VALUES :- The College of Languages proceeds intensively to make its staff and graduates good examples for commitment to the following :
1. Devotion and perfection.
2. Self respect and recognition of the others.
3. Development of team work spirit.
4. Creativity and innovation.
5. Appreciation of time value.
6. Self confidence.
By the end of the study at the college , the students will have become competent in the following language skills in two languages at least :
1. Reading.
2. Writing.
3. Speaking.
4. Listening.
5. Analysis of linguistic , literary and scientific texts.