Dr.Mohammed Ali Ahmed Omer

Languages learning became an urgent need and a basic requirement in contemporary life. It witnesses major informational revolution as a result of progress in communication technology, which contributed significantly to go beyond boundaries between peoples and cultures. Thus, the world became a small village where people communicate, benefit from each other and help in transferring or exchanging science, knowledge, cultures, translation, understanding of people's nature and life philosophy. Language is a solid pillar of any national entity in modern world. It is not merely sounds and movements that we sprinkle between people; it is basically a tool of understanding between individuals, groups, and a means of expressing visions, ideas and emotions. If this understanding is achieved in a correct language, avoiding flaws and errors, minds will converge, ideas are exchanged, hearts are reunited, and it will be possible that everyone will go on the path towards progress and scientific, social and cultural prosperity. Sudan University of Science and Technology is aware of the important role of languages in scientific, social and cultural activities. Consequently, the College of languages has been created, teaching Arabic and foreign languages, and provided with necessary equipments and preparation in order to achieve this goal. Many ambitious programs have been created for bachelor, masters and doctorate studies in Arabic other languages (English, French). The college continued toward the resettlement of the latest ways and means to teach languages and to enhance methods of research. It provided qualified teaching staff and specialists and enabled them to have the necessary ambition, the desire to work hard and dedication. The outcome of this scientific activity is a brilliant constellation of graduates, different degrees holders, who have learnt and mastered various languages: Arabic, French and English. Development march doesn't stop; ambition and upgrading will go on as the College of languages is preparing to establish a Center for teaching Arabic for non native learners and for specific purposes as well as the creation of German language department. May Allah help and lead us, and we follow the path of His Messenger – may Allah's prayers and salute lay on Him. We go forward the best for the sake of our nation, following the path Allah has shown to us and we work and live to gain His acceptance and mercifulness: He is the most compassionate the most merciful.