Communication With Learners Through ICT


By Nada ELJACK, .


I have been preparing for this project since March 2012. It is a project that is intended to promote teacherís autonomy as well as learnerís autonomy. My target group is 39 postgraduate students, in their second semester studying for an MA in ELT at the Faculty of Education at my university: Sudan University of Science and Technology (SUST). The main aim of this project is to create rapport with learners inside and outside classrooms. The project intends to invent a website for the group of learners. Learners are expected to share in the project by adding their own input. I started first by developing myself in computer skills. I started to study three private courses with the help of a specialized teacher in the area of Communication Information Technology (CIT). Within two months I finished three basic courses: Publisher, Composer, and PowerPoint. The next step was to select three students from my group, and inform them about the project. I started to train them with the same basic courses that I did. The third step was that we together as a group started to design the groupís website. Then the team with the help of the remainder of the class started to furnish the website with continuous and useful input. The whole group started to publish their presentations, attending online lectures, and designing learning programmes for their colleagues and students at schools. We intend to introduce the project for the dean of our college so that other departments can benefit from the idea.