Developing a Website to Enhance Communication Skills with MA Students


By Nada ELjack.


The paper discusses a project intended to promote teachersí as well as learnersí autonomy. Its target group is 39 postgraduate students in their second semester studying for an MA in ELT at the Faculty of Education at Sudan University of Science and Technology (SUST). The projectís main aim is to create rapport with learners inside and outside classrooms. The participants created a website for the group of learners, who are expected to share in the project by adding their own input. Having first completed two months courses on Publisher, Composer, and PowerPoint, I subsequently trained three students in the same courses. Upon completion of training, we designed the groupís website and assisted the remainder of the class to furnish the website with continuous and useful input. The whole group started to publish their presentations, attending online lectures and designing learning programmes for their colleagues and students at schools. Our intention is to introduce the project to the Dean of our College so that other Departments can benefit from the idea


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